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Sightseeing in Tocumen

Le 15 July 2014, 17:26 dans Humeurs 0

The city of Tocumen has a lot of attractions to offer to its visitors. Tocumen has many prehistoric monuments situated in its near vicinity. Below we enlist some main attractions of the city which should not be missed even on a short trip.

To travel across the city you can most certainly opt for the most traditional ways like public transport or taxi's but the most preferred way by most of the modern day travelers is to rent a car as there are many benefits. Click here to view your options for renting a car and the tariff charges.

Casco Viejo, Panama was the first Spanish city in Central America. The main purpose for the construction of the city was to protect the residents from attacks by pirates. It was constructed after destruction of Panama Viejo by infamous Pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. The city was constructed in 1673 and was declared a Heritage Site in the year 1997.

Casco Viejo is the location for some most important monuments of Panama City such as Salon Bolivar, Metropolitan Cathedral, National Theater, Las Bovedas Monument, La Iglesia de La Merced, La Iglesia San Felipe Neri. Casco Viejo is currently undergoing its restoration process and is a 32 minutes drive from Tocumen International Airport.

La Rana Dorada is a local brewery situated in the center of Panama city and is the perfect Spanish version of an English pub. The pub offers an amazing selection of food and freshly prepared beers. The best part of this brewery is that you get a sample of all the in-house beers to taste prior to your order. La Rana Dorada also has happy hours until 6pm where you can get two beers for the price of one.

Panama’s National Theater is the cultural hub of the city for hosting plays, operas, art, music and ballets and is a 32 minutes drive from the Tocumen International Airport. Panama National Theater is situated within Casco Viejo, it hosted its first ever play in the year 1908 and has a capacity of an audience of 850 guests. After seeing a downfall for some years the theater went under restoration two times in 1970 and 2004, but was successfully reopened in 2008 and is now managed by the local government.

Panama Canal is the fastest sea channel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean and also the most marvelous one, covering an area of 48-mile. Panama Canal is an engineering marvel and is a have to see if you are visiting Tocumen. Panama Canal started to function from the year 1914, it was completed by Colonel George W. Goethals. With the construction of this canal the international marine trade has significantly seen a rise. This spectacular marvel of American engineering is 47.6 km from the Tocumen International Airport.

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These are a few tourist attractions of Tocumen that are a must visit for every tourist. Every destination is unique and has its own soul, if not all then these are the destinations that are surely to be visited.

A Stay in Tocumen

Le 10 July 2014, 21:02 dans Humeurs 0

Finding a hotel to stay can sometimes be a tough job for travelers, here are some which you surely checkout while traveling to Tocumen. Each hotel has its own variety of features to offer and are entirely different from each other.

Courtyard Panama is a hotel from the international chain of Courtyard hotels by Marriott International. The hotel is situated right next to the Metromall, the shopping center housing 260 stores. Every room in the Courtyard Marriott is furnished with all the modern amenities, apart from this the hotel also has a meeting space, garden pool, gym, free parking, a restaurant having a buffet and a la carte menu and lobby bar.

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Riande Aeropuerto Hotel, Casino & Resort is the nearest hotel gets to the International Airport of the city. The hotel is just a 3 minutes drive from the Tocumen International Airport. Guest rooms at the hotel are a combination of contemporary as well as traditional design. There are 6 categories of rooms to choose from where each has something different to offer. The Riande Aeropuerto Hotel, Casino & Resort incorporates a pool to give its guests a relaxing time, adjacent to it is a pool bar for enjoying a drink beside the pool.

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Tantalo Hotel, Kitchen & Roof-bar is a place to be if you want to see both the old and new Panama together. The rooftop bar of the hotel offers a view of Casco Viejo on one end and the skyline of the new skyscrapers in Panama at another. The unique name of the hotel is from the mythological character Tantalo. It has only 12 rooms but they are all designed distinctly following a “boho-chic” style decor. Tantalo Hotel is a 28 minutes drive from the international airport.

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Sheraton Panama Hotel & Convention Center situated in the center of Panama is a five star hotel. The hotel has a total of 361 guest-rooms. Sheraton also offers a Spa and gym with all the modern equipment so that you can stay fit even on your vacations. The hotel has three restaurants Cafe Bahia which provides a buffet for every meal throughout the day; the Crostini Grill and the Snack Bar offers a variety of seafood, beef and drinks; Las Hadas is the in-house bakery which operates 24x7. The hotel's staff is very friendly and helpful. It is just 19 minutes from the Airport.

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These are some of the best accommodation options in the city. You can also find some other hotels here like Hotel El Panama, Marriott Panama, Hotel El Panama Convention Center & Casino, Doubletree by Hilton Panama and many more. You can choose as per your convenience and also according to your budget.

A Glimpse of Tocumen

Le 8 July 2014, 17:44 dans Voyage 0

Tocumen is a city situated on the east side of the Panama City. It is a small and a very peaceful town situated in the Mediterranean. The city got its name in honor of a chieftain who lived in this area. The city covers an area of just 65.3 sq km with a population of 50,700 inhabitants.


The community of the same name arose in the early years of the 1950s, as a logical consequence of the construction of the International Airport. The origins of this sector started in the 50s when it carried out the construction of the Tocumen International Airport. Until 1972, Tocumen was a village of farmers, with a few streets and houses, but thanks to the construction of several housing estates now it has become one of the most populated municipalities of the Panama district.


Tocumen enjoys a tropical monsoon with an average high climate ranging from 35.0°C - 38.0°C and an average low of 27.8°C - 26.4°C. The city enjoys heavy rainfall from May - December.

Tip: Be sure to carry all your rain gear during the heavy rainfall months.

Main Attractions:

Estadio Rommel Fernandez is a stadium which is located roughly 7 km from the city. The stadium was inaugurated in 1970 and has a capacity of about 32,000 spectators, it gets the name in tribute to Rommel Fernandez a former Panama soccer player. It is the only multi sport stadium in the city.

Metropolitan National Park is a wildlife reserve which is at a distance of 16 km from the city of Tocumen. It is the only wildlife secure in Central America. The park spans in a huge area of 232 hectares. A unique feature of the park is the Environment Education Program which it undertakes in order to generate a sense of environment conservation among the visitors through various activities.

Metro Mall is just a 14km drive from the city. It is truly a modern mall in every sense. The mall contains most of the famous clothing brands and showrooms of some local designers as well. Metro Mall incorporates a multiplex with 10 screens and also a food court with various delicacies.

Tocumen International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Central America. The airport started to function completely from 1947 and was inaugurated by the former president Enrique A. Jimenez. There are 21 international airlines providing flights from the airport to several locations. The Tocumen International Airport has gone under expansion for 2 times and is due for its third expansion by 2016.

Tocumen might be a small town as of now but it is surely a town that is an integral part of Panama. It is the perfect destination for travelers who love to explore places which are yet to be revealed completely to the world.

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